The most relaxed I have ever been | Charlton House

I was kindly given a voucher from my grandparents to treat myself and a friend to a spa weekend! I was so excited to take some time away from my phone and relax, whilst making use of the variety of swimming costumes I own! When Dayna and I arrived we were given an upgraded room (which was a dream!) along with upgraded treatments which were very lovely of Charlton House. Bannatyne spa is based within Charlton House and it’s a spa that I have always wanted to experience. 

When we arrived the staff, who were so down to earth showed us around the house, sharing the spa, room, lounges, and gardens which were all just stunning. We couldn’t wait to get into that Hydro pool and starting our relaxing weekend. 

We were excited to see our upgraded room after our treatments but nothing could have prepared us for how amazing it was going to be. Let me say it included two master bathrooms, a terrace with private access to the spa all over two floors! It was absolutely stunning to have so much space to spread out and relax in. The bathrooms both had amazing lighting for those Instagram photos and that makeup applying which is always essential. I loved the little touches like the rustic suitcases disguised as cupboards and fridges along with the light-up wardrobe. 

Bannatyne Spa is just stunning with massive cushioned sofas that surround the Hydro pool which makes this spa more unique as it having the contrast between having the pool inside with the option of swimming through the window makes you feel even more relaxed. For me the best part of the spa facilities was that the hot tub was outside under a roof, it felt like I was in Switzerland again, swimming outside with the cold fresh air above and warm water below which felt so cozy. 


The Treatments were hands down the best I’ve ever experienced. The therapists were so lovely and down to earth which made us feel more relaxed than ever as we knew everything was okay so there was no need to worry about anything. The soothing music was playing whilst we had a few different treatments throughout our stay from facials to full body scrubs. I must say, was truly amazing! I felt like a new woman leaving Charlton House and was so refreshed like all my worries had disappeared. My skin was brighter, smoother and more clear, especially on my back where I had a couple of those dreaded spots. The texture on my face has improved so much and I had learned it was from the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel as it eats away at your dead skin cells whilst brightening and leaving your skin glowing like there’s no tomorrow. Since I’ve left I have been having so many more foundation free days where I just dab a little concealer under my eyes and apply mascara and my skin looks glowing without needing any products, I get so many compliments about my skin now. 

Whilst we were there, we bought a robe each and I couldn’t resist buying Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel as it transformed my skin and I love a product which I can rely on for last-minute events or when my skin is having a rough patch. 

I honestly think that Charlton House is one of my favorite places for ultimate relaxation as it’s nice to get away from all the busy atmosphere of the city and enjoy the stunning grounds that surround it along with not worrying about a thing, all the people who work there cannot do enough for you, they went the extra mile to ensure our stay was perfect – which it definitely was!  May I just add that the food was absolutely DELICIOUS!!

We were so sad to leave as we packed the car back up to drive home. It was so nice to constantly feel so relaxed and taking some time away from the phone, leaving that to-do list at bay whilst we had the whole weekend to concentrate on us. I felt like a new person once having all the dead skin scrubbed off, a new face using all those beautiful Elemis products and a relaxed mind.

The reason I didn’t take many photos is because I was so relaxed, every second was so special and beautiful here, that I just wanted to be in the moment. I will definitely be returning, I can’t rave about this place enough! But please go to their website and look at how stunning it is, it’s worth it I promise!