Sharing my blog routine for ultimate​ success.

I have FINALLY found a way to organise my blog life and I am seeing a difference in my growth. I have tried every planner, notebook and website to help my motivation and creating a routine which works for me and my blog. It’s taken me a while to work out what most beneficial for myself mentally and physically.
To be honest, I set my goal, a way too high to begin with, trying to write, take photos, complete all the SEO and social media for each post which went live 4 times a week – Wow, this was very overwhelming! It made my motivation go from 100 to 0 in a week, straining myself to write when I wasn’t inspired and you could see it in my writing style that I wasn’t enjoying it.

Now I write when I feel inspired and energised, which actually excites me to produce more work faster along with being more active on social media and learning new ways to improve SEO which everything together helps grow your blog Domain Authority which is a big thing that brands look at as it sums up everything (quality blog posts, backlinks, SEO, internal links and external links).

My routine starts with writing the blog post and working on research to give the post some background so a ‘beauty favourites’ post will include research on the products to include a couple facts here and there along with getting to know the products in-depth so I know what I’m talking about is true.

I then will start to think about photos, playing with flat lay options, colours, shapes and styles to make sure it compliments the post although sometimes if I am doing an informative post, I’ll add a few outfit photos just to add depth to the post rather than always matching. I take my photos on a Canon M3 camera as it’s a DSLR but it’s mirrorless so it’s a lot smaller but still has the same quality. I then edit my photos on an app called Snapseed and I’m in love with the HDR-scape setting as it gives every photo a lot more definition with ease, mix that with some tune image and sharpening the details, maybe some healing (erasing) of a person in the background or a plug here or there but I don’t actually do much to them at all.

I use my passion planner for EVERYTHING, a to-do list, notes, reminders, the lot! I love that you can write every tiny event or plan into each time slot which is handy when you’re trying to do a lot in one day. Throughout the planner, you’ll have sections to see where you need to tweak things and improve certain planning of your life along with the parts you’re doing amazing at!

Now that’s a tiny part of my routine but recently I have found that reading other people’s blogging routines really interesting so I thought I’d share mine. I juggle my blogging life with a full-time job, learning a BTEC and slowly entering the world of writing articles so I have to manage my time to ensure I have time for all this. Sometimes I do well, getting loads completed in a day, then others I end up falling asleep and scrolling down Instagram for five hours straight!

What does your routine include?


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