Avon event and hottest products on the market

I was kindly invited to one of Avon’s events showcasing their inspiring stories through their journey with Avon along with showing off their incredible products. Like many, I used to receive their booklet through the door when I was younger, flicking through, drawing a circle around and ordering makeup items which took my fancy and a few body sprays which smelt incredible. This was were my love for makeup and skin care really began.

We had a lovely presentation from Dawn, Becky and Rachael, Sharing their beautiful journey with Avon so far with laughter and a few tears along the way, inspiring everyone with their passion whilst empowering other women to feel confident in their own skin using the art of Avon’s skin care and makeup ranges.

Avon is succeeding in being the next best thing, recently launching their stunning vegan skin care range Distillery, bringing you pure formulas, giving your skin those powerful results which you’ve always dreamed for. Often when vegan skin care is mentioned, I think of thick products being highly water-based and a bit weak to be honest but with Distillery, Avon has ensured super-concentrated ingredients, each chosen with care, confirming powerful results giving you your dream skin.

I was lucky to be given two products from the range and I will definitely be keeping them in my skin care routine from now on because thanks to mixing two shakes of the C-Shot powder to the Shade The Day cream, my skin has been transformed. With the C-Shot being full of Vitamin C, when mixed with water is the purest form you’ll get, giving you everything it has to offer instantly and is the most effective way to get that gorgeous glow we all dream of. I mix a couple shakes into the Shade the Day cream as I like to wear SPF every day even on a cloudy day, with it having SPF 25 I am sure to be fully protected. This cream is a rich texture, full of distilled rose extract and zinc oxide, sure to mattify, and hydrate the skin, leaving a thin layer to prime the skin ready for makeup to help that flawless application – oh boy did I see a difference with that natural glow coming through my foundation. If you are going to try out something from the Distillery range I highly recommend you start with these two gems.

One of the lovely girls Sophie applied the new go-to liquid lipstick for every occasion in their stunning ten shade range, a colour for everyone. The Power Stay range is a comfortable, vibrant liquid lipstick which stays on for 16 hours without crumbling or rubbing off whilst you drink. You must try these kissable lipsticks for that everyday confidence.

This stunning duo by Avon are to die for! Maxime being their male fragrance, a sensual, masculine scent (very similar style to Sauvage by Dior in fact, without the price tag!) along with a gorgeous women’s perfume which compliments each other so well. Plus they are amazing prices too!

Avon has changed a lot throughout their journey and they have launched products which we all look for on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend going to Avon for all your products, like long staying lipsticks and glowing foundations along with their high-end skincare and gorgeous accessories!